Friday, January 18, 2013

Pancake Déjà Vu

It seems like every time I sit down to write something here I just, well, can’t. For the most part, writing has been easy for me much of my life, so when I hit any kind of writer’s block I believe it’s best to just wait it out and let it pass without trying to force out some kind of obligatory gibberish simply for the sake of doing so. I think part of my writer’s block issues stems from not reading, because I’ve definitely noticed a correlation between how much I’m reading and how inspired I am to write. But I also think it may have something something to do with the fact that I can’t seem to sit down for more than 10 minutes at a time before I get up to flutter around my house like a manic little moth searching out all the random things on one of my many to do lists that I feel like I have to do. I’m pretty sure that this is a large contributing factor to why I often overindulge in alcohol, because it relaxes me, or at least lends the illusion of relaxation. Or, you know, maybe I’m just drunk so I don’t care one way or the other.

But this week I’ve begun the feat of giving up alcohol for an indeterminate amount of time to 1. Save much-needed money in preparation for my trip to Costa Rica next month for Jordan’s 30th birthday, because booze is expensive and I don’t receive any paid annual leave from work, 2. Lose some residual holiday weight, and 3. See if I actually can since every time I say I’ll give up booze I usually only make it a week. While it may seem like I’m an alcoholic who pours vodka on my cereal in the morning, I assure you I’m not. I just drink more than I'd ideally like to, and I’m sure it has everything to do with constantly trying to attain some level of relaxation. So suffice it to say that not drinking does not help whatsoever in my quest to just sit in one spot long enough to do anything, let alone long enough to write a blog post. 

But luckily I’ve come down with some kind of fever-ridden snot-faced illness of some kind the past few days, so it’s much easier to convince myself to stay on the couch and not move a muscle. Hell, I had a 101° fever yesterday and despite how miserable I felt, it took almost half an hour to convince myself to get up and make the 15 foot journey to the kitchen to take medicine. So thanks to my being sick, you lucky folks get a blog post to read. And being that there’s a flu epidemic, some of you may also be home sick needing something to entertain you, so we’re all winners here. Stuffy-nosed, Nyquil-zombie winners. Hooray! 

I've been meaning to share my photos from a few weeks ago when I took Steven’s parents to DeLeon Springs for a pancake breakfast that turned into a pancake lunch because the wait time for a table was 2 hours. We almost scrapped the whole idea after we learned of the wait time, since we were all starving after the 45 minute drive over, but since we had already made the journey we decided to snack on coffee and cookies to tide us over and explore the rest of the state park while we waited. And I’m so glad we did, because I hadn’t been back since I first took Steven during his first trip here, and it turned out to be such a lovely day. My only regret was that I didn’t take my bathing suit, because on such a warm January day (almost in the 80s!) it would have been a dream to swim in the spring while waiting, but unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight.

What we did do in lieu of swimming was walk the short nature trail to the 500 year old cypress tree (called Old Methuselah), explore the historical display in the visitor center, and watch manatees in Spring Garden Creek. Being that his parents LOVE the most touristy areas in Kissimmee, I am always trying to show them the other side of Florida. 
 Alligator skull from the visitor center. I wish it were in my house.

A photo of Sunshine Sally, the waterskiing elephant from when DeLeon Spring was a full-on tourist attraction. I can appreciate the historical kitsch aspect of this, but I'm glad it's no longer that way.

 An attempted recreation of one of the first photos we ever took, which can be seen here. All I can tell is that in 2 years and 2 months, I've just gotten fatter and Steven still wears ridiculous shirts.

Old Methuselah. A 500+ year old cypress tree that somehow survived the rampant cypress logging that claimed most of Florida's old growth cypress. I didn't manage a photo of it in my last post, so I made sure to try and get one this time.

Looking into the spring. I want to go swimming!

Manatee in Spring Garden Creek. Some folks were hanging off the dock petting this guy when I showed up. I informed them that they weren't allowed to, and they responded "Ya, well, no one's here to say otherwise." Their demeanor quickly changed after I casually informed them I was an employee of an environmental government agency. What fun.

 The trees around the park are just unbelievably beautiful. I took so many photos of them but this was my favorite. I'm such a sucker for live oaks, especially when the resurrection ferns are green after a good rain. I wish I lived in a fern and oak hammock.

And what stop to DeLeon wouldn't be complete without heading to the old Bob White Orange Packing Plant to see how it's doing? I drove by here a few weeks ago for work and noticed they had plowed down many of the buildings that had burned during the fire last year, along with all of the plant growth. I'm so worried that the next time I drive by, everything will be demolished. It's such a special place that it breaks my heart to know it's only a matter of time before it's gone, like the abandoned farm I loved that was suddenly gone the last time I went looking for it. I'm at least glad I got a couple good photos of some of buildings that are already gone. But other than that depressing note, the day was wonderful. Good food, good sights, good people.


Caitlin said...

Aren't old plants and factories the coolest/most depressing sights ever? I'm always so fascinated by them.

That first photo reminds me of a "nature walk" Rob and I did near his mom's house in the Rockledge/Cocoa Beach area. And your photos make ME want to swim too...where you live is so dreamier, so much dreamier than I ever imagine Florida to be. It's a land of conflicting beauty, for sure.

I think every blogger in the world is now having some form of writer's block. I blame the winter/new year/odd numbered year.

Rick Kilby said...

The new owner of the citrus packinghouse says he is either going to use it for hay storage or lease it to a brewery/win making operation. He allowed my access into the buildings and there is much work to be done. I was able to salvage some artifacts that were on the way to the dumpster and donate them to the History Center. I need to do a post but have been too busy of late... I'm working with John Moran on an exhibit for the Museum of Natural History in Gainesville on Florida's springs called Springs Eternal. It opens in March.

Octohawk said...

Oh Rick, I'm SO glad you told me that!!!

Nova said...

That flu is a serious epidemic in North America hey? I just had it last week and it seems like half the bloggers I read in the USA and Canada have been sick. Boo Urns. Hope you feel better. I still have a bit of a cough.

Nova said...