Saturday, January 1, 2011

Foggy London Town: Days Two and Two and a Half

I will try to write as cohesively and coherently as possible, but please keep in mind that this is New Years Day and I'm feeling a bit tired and spacey.. I'll keep it short for your sake and mine.

Yesterday Steven took me to the Borough Market, which is a large, outdoor food market. It's lovely and filled with all the charcuterie and cheese you could ever dream of, as well as vegetables, seafood, meats, soaps, wines, pates, food carts, and more. I drank a delicious mulled wine (or two) while perusing all the inviting aisles and bought a few presents that I can only hope make it through customs. I'd basically surmise the entire experience as food porn and would definitely recommend it if you're ever in the London Bridge area.

After the Borough Market, we went somewhere that I really really wanted to go- The Last Tuesday Society Shop/Museum. I've written before about how much I love wunderkammers/cabinets of curiosity, which is why I habitually collect dead animals and odd relics. There are a few shops in the states like The Bone Room in California or Evolution in New York, but I've sadly never been to any of them, so I knew I had to make it to this one while I was in the area. It was absolutely amazing and I felt like a kid in a candy shop overwhelmed with excitement, just trying to take it all in.

Today has been a down day, as I'm sure it's been for most people, so I don't have much to share. When I finally allowed myself to be roused from bed, Steven took me to watch a soccer football match at a British pub. Being an American female who doesn't particularly care for sports, I felt as though I had no place in a dark pub teeming with die-hard fans and TV screens all over the walls, but I did enjoy it. Now I need to go test out the Vietnamese food in London because I drank French 75's last night and have been craving pho all day.

Anyway, like I said, my brain isn't working at all and this is painful so I think I should just stop writing now.


Anonymous said...

This place looks amazing! I visited Evolution about 10 years ago and this London shop looks much more interesting. Possibly Evolution has, um, evolved and has grown more curious since then.

k said...

Oh so much fun!

k said...